Green Ocean Coffee Inishgowla Blend Coffee Beans

Green Ocean Coffee Inishgowla Blend Coffee Beans

Origin – Brazil, Honduras and Kenya
Kenya – Mutwiri Coffee Estate – Farmer: Charles Mutwiri, Region: Mount Kenya
Brazil – 3 Porteiras Farm – Farmers: Pedro and Maria Helena, Region: South Minas

Bean type – 100% Premium Arabica Beans
100% Ethically sourced directly from the Farmer. Direct from Farm Guaranteed.

Tasting Notes
Light body, fruity throughout. Lemon and clementine with a touch of rhubarb.

Inishgowla Island

Inishgowla, one of three hundred sixty-five islands and drowned drumlins which are found in beautiful Clew Bay, once part of infamous Pirate Queen Grace O’Malley’s kingdom. A small island of 25 acres, Inishgowla is an oasis of tranquillity and just about as perfect a place to hang out as it gets.


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