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About Green Ocean Coffee

Would you like to make a difference with us?

Green Ocean Coffee is about doing our part in tackling the threat of climate change by enhancing marine habitats. We are working with local communities in Ireland, while also producing fantastic coffee that does not cost the earth.

We are creating new oyster and seagrass beds to lock away oceanic and atmospheric carbon at a rate up to 35 times faster than the rainforest.

Each bag of coffee purchased restores one square metre of oyster and seagrass bed on the ocean floor.

Choosing Green Ocean Coffee is a small choice today that delivers a lasting legacy now and for generations to come.

Our News

Becoming a Green Ocean Volunteer!

Becoming a Green Ocean Volunteer!

Why? If you’re looking to get more involved in fighting climate change, using nature based solutions to enhance biodiversity, sequester carbon dioxide and reduce the impact of coastal erosion?  Then you’ve come to the right place! Our oysters are 'mini engineers' that...

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