About US 

Watermark Coffee is a family-owned business established by my wife Marguerite and I in 2007.

We started off selling coffee machines and delivering maintenance on these until 2014; we then began our adventure into developing wonderful coffee blends and our business has gone from strength to strength.

The perfect cup of coffee requires more than great coffee. It needs to be expertly roasted and made using the best coffee machines. We provide all of these elements to ensure your coffee is perfect each and every time.

Treating customers the way we wish to be treated, is at the core of how we do business. It’s really personal to us and that is how we want our business to feel to you, our customer. We have a great team of people and we hire and train people who value customer care as much as we do. 

Coffee is one passion of ours, the world around us is another. With my interest in offshore sailing and scuba diving, I have witnessed for myself how quickly the natural world is changing. It has driven our team to think outside the box. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do from sourcing our coffee, to running our operations to our partnerships and brands.

Two products we are particularly proud of are Woodland Coffee and Green Ocean Coffee. We have planted 27,000 trees through our Woodland Coffee Woodland in Limerick to date and our latest product range, Green Ocean Coffee will result in the restoration of 180 hectares of seabed in Clew Bay. Our customers are delivering a meaningful difference to our environment every time they choose to drink Woodland or Green Ocean Coffee.

We love working with companies and businesses who share our values and want to source great tasting coffee, roasted in Ireland, that is making a meaningful difference to our environment.

If you are considering a change, why not consider Green Ocean Coffee?

David and Marguerite Lawlor; Watermark Coffee.