Green Ocean Coffee Carrickwee Blend Ground Coffee (500g)

Green Ocean Coffee Carrickwee Blend Ground Coffee (500g)

Origin – Brazil, Central America and Kenya
Kenya – Mutwiri Coffee Estate – Farmer: Charles Mutwiri, Region: Mount Kenya
Brazil – 3 Porteiras Farm – Farmers: Pedro and Maria Helena, Region: South Minas

Bean type – 100% Premium Arabica Beans
100% Ethically sourced directly from the Farmer. Direct from Farm Guaranteed.

Tasting Notes
Milk chocolate, medium body, citrus acidity, smooth finish.

Carrickwee Island

Carrickwee is located at the heart of our seabed restoration in Clew Bay, Co Mayo.  An area of spectacular unspoilt beauty which is accentuated as light reflects through changing weather onto mountains and sea creating a mood of isolation, awe, and historical connection.  But, so close to the vibrancy of Westport