Dorinish Single Origin

Oct 25, 2022 | News

Our Dorinish Coffee blend is a single origin speciality coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Elgon at an altitude of 1900 masl (metres above sea level) in Kenya close to the border with Uganda.  This coffee growing region has been steadily developing with higher yields coming available over the past few decades as improving infrastructure catches up with demand.

In this part of Kenya, underdeveloped infrastructure (road and transport networks as well as equipment), has posed some of the largest challenges as coffee growing farmers are smallholders whose families have grown coffee for generations. The average farm size is around 1 hectare, and the families farm a variety of subsistence crops such as matooke (cooking banana), fruit trees, beans, peas, millet and coco yam. Matooke is an important cash crop sustaining families throughout the year. Coffee is the more valuable source of income for most families, particularly for livelihood improvement investment. It represents about 80% of the farm acreage and provides the cash flow required for large investments (school fees, livestock, land, house construction etc.).  Whereas matooke provides a week-on-week regular cash flow for smaller day-to-day purchases.

Our coffee is all sourced direct from the farmers. This simplifies the supply chain eliminating the requirement for them to sell on commodity markets.

Dorinish Single Origin coffee is a medium light roast with flavours of milk chocolate, citrus, tomato and herbal.  It is a wonderful coffee and we hope that you enjoy it.

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