Carrickwee Blend

Sep 20, 2023 | News

Our Green Ocean Carrickwee Coffee delivers a deep milk chocolate flavour with hints of citrus with a smooth finish. It is simply a wonderful coffee that has wide appeal.  Since it’s introduction to our range over the last couple of months, Carrickwee has become one of the Green Ocean coffee stars.

Roasted to a medium profile, this arabica coffee comes from two outstanding producers of speciality green bean coffee in the South Minas region of Brazil (Pedro and Maria Helena) and the coffee estate of Charles Mutwiri in Mount Kenya, Africa.  These coffee growers share our ethos in terms of economic and social sustainability.  Both producers have sought to create their enterprise that supports their wider local communities in terms of job creation, youth education and environmentally sustainably farming practices.  We buy directly from these farmers to ensure that they get a contracted price for their coffee rather than being exposed to the unexpected fluctuations of the coffee futures market.  This allows the producer to have price certainty allowing them to plan with confidence for the future.

The Carrickwee blend is named after a small islet or rock located in the area where we have carried out our first phase of oyster and seagrass restoration in Clew Bay.  The area is at the foot of Croagh Patrick in an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Each bag of Carrickwee purchased funds the restoration of 1 square meter of sea bed in this special area of conservation.

If you would like to arrange a coffee tasting of Carrickwee, then please drop us a line on or call us on 01 4666000 and we would be delighted to arrange this either in our showroom or at your office, cafe or restaurant.